Triple A Directional Drilling Ltd is a COR certified company whose policy is to provide safe work conditions for all employees in effort to prevent any workplace injury or illness from occurring.

Triple A Directional Drilling Ltd. holds safety as a core value, never to be compromised for the sake of profit or expediency. We believe every worker has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment and that both management and workers are held accountable for creating this environment.

The objective of the Safety Management Program is based on the following philosophy;

I. Safety of all employees and the general public will always take precedence over expediency.
II. To clearly identify company policy as well as to administer and communicate orderly procedures & practices to achieve a safe and healthy workplace that meets and whenever possible exceeds the Saskatchewan OH&S Legislation and Regulations.
III. The individual is responsible for his/her own safety and has the authority to refuse to do work which they believe is unusually dangerous to them or someone else. Respecting the OH&S Legislation, an employee who justifiably refuses to work under conditions which he/she considers to be unsafe will not be subject to discipline.
IV. Development of an Occupational Health and Safety Committee that meets quarterly to discuss any related safety concerns brought forth by employees or management.
V. Safety concerns should be solved at the lowest possible level.
VI. Every employee and contractor will have access to the Health and Safety Manual and will be invited to take an active part in making our safety program a success though continuous reviews of policies, practices and procedures outlined within.
VII. Every new employee will be first exposed to the safety program and be trained and tested in safe, efficient work methods and company policies before being allowed to participate in any active work area or project. This is a supplemental program to our safety management call “New Employee Orientation Program”
VIII. Participation in the Certificate of Recognition (COR®) program which is an occupational health and safety program verifying that a company has a fully-implemented health and safety management system that meets national standards. This program requires an annual internal audit of the program as well as an external on a three-year cycle.

Over the years Triple A has continually worked towards improving the safety culture and compliance within the company.

2017, Triple A implemented the use of third-party software that has made all forms used in the daily function of the safety management program paperless. This is accomplished by an app on every employee’s phone or a program on management computers. Launching the use of this application has shown our workers that safety is a top priority. Since its implementation, compliance has improved of the required daily and monthly form usage as well as an increased efficiency in effective safety monitoring on a real time basis.

2018, the company sponsored a full-time employee to successfully complete a Health and Safety Administration (HSA) course.

2019, the company hired a full time certified National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) to monitor and improve on the management of the existing safety program.

2019 A worker of Triple A Directional Drilling was awarded HSA of the Year from SCSA.

Triple A Directional Drilling has implemented various levels of checks and balances to ensure any needed or required improvements are implemented in a timely fashion. Annual internal audits of the program require a corrective action plan to implement any identified short comings to be presented to the Occupational Health and Safety Committee. Quarterly OH&S Committee meetings monitor and discuss the audit corrective actions as well as any identified concern items from workers or management.

The third-party software that Triple A has incorporated into its Safety Management program allows for custom form building and real time compliance monitoring. Workers in the field have access to the mobile app which is simple and intuitive that makes filling out forms easy and efficient. Instant integration to all staff members means any form or resource can be updated or revised and automatically distributed to all staff.

This paperless approach gives workers instant access to all safety documents such as the Safety Manual, SDS and Safe Work Practices. Below is a sample of the information available to every authorized user.

Employees are instructed and walked through the process of creating a “Triple A” folder on their phones where not only the application is placed but many other relevant health and safety related resources such as apps from CCOHS, SCSA, and Sask 1st Call.

Located within the app the employee has access to their recently signed forms for revisions or continued monitoring, all safety related forms for site safety inspections, hazard assessment/inspections, and incident reports to name a few. This is also where employees would find any corrective action assigned to them under “Follow Up Actions Required”

The resources section is where the company has placed all material for workers to reference in the safe completion of their assigned tasks. The safety manual; OHS regulations and legislation are placed there in their entirety. All meeting minutes from recent OHC committee meetings and current members contact list. Completed inspections and investigations are also shared for review by any authorized current employee.

The entire program can be monitored in real time from a desktop computer, laptop or authorized mobile device. The assigned administrators of the program can monitor an “inbox” which shows all submitted completed safety forms. These can then be immediately reviewed to ensure compliance and ensure any follow up items are addressed in a timely manner. The review can then be signed using an electronic signature with a time stamp.

All workers have a custom profile created upon their hire and orientation with the company. This profile will then track the employee’s information and signature history. Worker certifications can be uploaded and assigned expiry dates with monthly reports issued to program administrators on upcoming expirations. The individual employee profile can be accessed by the employee from their mobile access at any time with complete transparency.

Finally, all this information can be plotted into analytics for monthly, quarterly and year end reports. All the collected data is completely connected allowing for the user to filter entire dashboards with one click and drill into specific data points.

The inclusion of preventative maintenance monitoring now documents all maintenance completed on the company equipment. The employee can select the appropriate equipment that was maintained, describe the maintenance completed, take pictures of the maintanance if applicable and document the time and date of the completion. Triple A has also implemented maintenance request form to streamline and track priority and routine repairs.

The inclusion of the worker feedback during the entire process has streamlined many forms and removed many needless or duplicate documentaion which has improved on reliable reporting to the safety management program. The entire staff is involved in the development of the program and regularly engaged for feedback.

Triple A has implemented many new engineering controls, trained existing personell to a higher industry standard, and implemented new specialized employees to maintain and monitor the growing safety management program. The implementation of electronic submission and monitoring of documents has increased worker compliance to over 93% and increased the safety program monitoring to virtually no delay.

Past Projects

  • Manitoba Watersheds

    Manitoba Watersheds

    Installation of dry hydrant fire water lines into lakes for all season water access for fire truck services.

Our Equipment

6×6 Vermeer Navigator

  • 6,000 lbs of pull
  • 600 lbs of rotational torque

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